About Us


My family started to trade chemicals in Istanbul in Tahtakale in 1979, continued in Galata and continued in Pangaltı. GalataKimya Anonim Şirketi has been established in İstanbul to carry out Commercial Representative Activities on chemical raw materials market with the following experiences and principles.

We are continuing our sectoral accumulations of our family with customer satisfaction principles in line with market facts and general rules of trade, we are GalataKimya Anonim Şirketi. Our local and regional trade area is primarily Turkey; Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean countries.

Our business knowledge and experience is made up of experienced experts and consultants from chemical raw materials market since 1979. The main purpose of our company is to make Turkey the only authorized commercial representative of chemical raw materials produced by respected chemical companies.

GalataKimya Anonim Şirketi recognizes the expert and professional human resources as the most valuable asset, with the aim of developing and achieving its commercial agency goals and reaching its plans, with comprehensive information about producers and customers,

Along with this idea, we continue our commercial presence in the direction of knowledge, experience, positive energy and excellent service. Developing our product portfolio and expanding our supply channels, our strategic partnerships in chemical raw materials; It is among our missions to try to create it in a way that will respond to our customers’ expectations.


We believe that we will have a solid footing in the chemical raw material market with our basic priorities below.

* To create high quality standards

* Capture competitive prices

* To provide technical support and promotion services

* Sharing deep information about changing chemistry and global producers *

To provide global solutions in international markets.

On the other hand, we can now explain the basic values of our commercial achievements in the years to come. We will work with sincerity and sincerity in consciousness of our producers and our customers. We will work hard and provide the information of the goods in a timely manner in order to ensure the confidence of the producers we provide to our customers. We always want to be the preferred partner of our customers and partners. we will do good.

We will be open and transparent in all our customers’ procurement processes, focused on customer satisfaction. We will always be your first priority to respond to quality and price expectations. International trade and manufacturing trends are changing our guiding principles to your chemical raw material sales or supply. We guarantee our managers over 35 years of reliable business knowledge and experience.

We are committed in advance with the support of all of our employees, enthusiasm and determination that we will adhere strictly to the above principles.